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Colorado Rules & Statutes

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    Our database includes 581 Colorado cases dating back to 2005

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    Top 5 Most-Viewed Cases in Colorado

    Eva Sigala, Petitioner, v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office of the State of Colorado, Atencio’s Market and Royal & SunAlliance, Respondents.

    Brandon Cowger, Plaintiff-Appellant, v. Henderson Heavy Haul Trucking Inc., Defendant-Appellee.

    Mary Brodeur, individually and as Personal Representative of the Estateof Dennis Brodeur, deceased,Plaintiff-Appellant,v.American Home Assurance Company and AIG Claim Services, Inc.,Defendants-Appellees.

    No. 04CA2192. Williams v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office.

    Turene Lombard and Pueblo School District #60, Plaintiffs-Appellants, v. Colorado Outdoor Education Center, Inc., a Colorado non-profit corporation, d/b/a The Nature Center, and Sanborn Western Camps, Inc., a Colorado non-profit corporation, Defendants-Appellees.

    Colorado Case Summaries

    Benuishis v. ICAO [Case # 07CA0511]
    Independent Medical Evaluation

    Case v. ICAO [Case # 08CA0048]

    Tovar v. Swift & Company [Case # 4-597-412]
    Authorized Treating Physician/Choice/Change of Physician, Worsening of Condition

    Garner v. Home Depot [Case # 4-644-099]
    Independent Medical Evaluation

    Sickler v. City Market [Case # 4-638-377]
    Reopening Claim

    Laclay v. Academy Insulation & Central Vac [Case # 4-693-581]
    Authorized Treating Physician/Choice/Change of Physician, Temporary Total

    Heinicke v. ICAU [Case # 07CA1640]
    Estoppel, Issue Preclusion

    Feeley v. ICAO [Case # 07CA1389]
    Reopening Claim, Worsening of Condition

    Lovett v. ICAO [Case # 07CA2375]
    Permanent Partial, Scheduled/Non-scheduled injuries

    Anderson v. Anderson Distributing [Case # 4-722-115]

    Buch v. Ankmar [Case # 4-747-702]

    Stamey v. C2 Utility Contractors, Inc., and FBG Service Corp. [Case # 4-503-974]
    Medical Benefits/Treatment/Psychiatric Care, Medical Treatment Guidelines, Reasonable and Necessary

    Fernandez v. Safeway [Case # 4-714-470]

    Norris v. Valero [Case # 4-677-807]
    Maximum Medical Improvement, Independent Medical Evaluation

    Schulte v. Morgan County [Case # 4-707-046]

    Cabela v. ICAO [Case # 07CA2528]
    Authorized Treating Physician/Choice/Change of Physician

    Davila v. ICAO [Case # 07CA1220]
    Final Admission of Liability

    Kraft v. ICAO [Case # 08CA0489]
    Impairment Rating

    Kilwein v. ICAO [Case # 06CA2518]
    Authorized Treating Physician/Choice/Change of Physician, Utilization Review

    Eller v. Boulder Valley School District [Case # 4-694-053]

    Pettigrew v. Loveland Good Samaritan Village [Case # 4-615-445]

    Martinez v. Triangle Sheet Metal Inc. [Case # 4-595-741]

    Youngs v. White Moving & Storage, Inc [Case # 4-648-693]

    Dymond v. Precision Metal Mfg [Case # 4-701-511]
    Exposure/Repetitive Trauma/Occupational Disease, Last Injurious Exposure

    Pero v. PNCI Construction, Inc. [Case # 4-757-058]
    Penalties/Interest, Temporary Total

    Loucks v. Superior Truss & Components of Eaton, Inc. [Case # 4-625-712]
    Clam Closure, Reopening Claim

    Bennett v. City of Colorado Springs [Case # 4-295-688]
    Average Weekly Wage, Maximum Compensation, Temporary Total

    Villa v. Harvest Select [Case # 4-694-064]
    Temporary Total

    Kelly v. ICAO [Case # 07CA0970]
    Course and Scope of Employment, Multiple Injuries/Successive Injuries/Intervening Causes

    Takacs v. Petsmart [Case # 4-739-183 ]

    Ford v. Regional Transportation District [Case # 4-309-217]
    Medical Condition

    Cahill v. Patty Jewett Golf Course & City of Colo Springs [Case # 4-729-518]
    Medical Treatment Guidelines

    Lewis v. Glen Leffler d/b/a Skyline Sod [Case # 4-759-309]
    Permanent Partial, Conversion, Disfigurement

    Tarr v. Elyse Klingener, DMD [Case # 4-779-747]
    Exposure/Repetitive Trauma/Occupational Disease, Last Injurious Exposure

    Martinez v. Senior Resource Center, Inc. [Case # 4-748-216]
    Compensability, DIME

    Knight v. Estate of Lorene Wherry [Case # 4-746-724]
    Judicial Review, Jurisdiction/Venue

    Martinez v. City of Colorado Springs [Case # 4-727-623]
    Permanent Partial

    Sheldon v. ICAO [Case # 09CA0834]

    Barfoot v. Xcel Energy [Case # 4-540-676]
    Reopening Claim, Statute of Limitations

    Temple v. Kroll Government Services [Case # 4-761-187]
    Temporary Total, WCRP 6

    Youngs v. ICAO [Case # 08CA2209]

    Clendening v. ICAO [Case # 09CA0216]

    Gochnour v. Merrill, Inc. [Case # 4-601-476]

    Paint Connection Plus v. ICAO [Case # 09CA0598]

    Boyle v. Sonic Drive-in [Case # 4-717-518]
    Average Weekly Wage

    Wubben v. Peerless Tyre Co. [Case # 4-752-922]

    Rodriguez v. CMR Siding, Inc. [Case # 4-776-684]

    Harrison v. Dunmire Property Mgmt., Inc. [Case # 4-676-410]
    Final Admission of Liability

    Allen v. America's Best Carpet Cleaning Service [Case # 4-776-542]
    Employer/Employee Relationship/Independent Contractors

    McGee v. Pasterkamp Heating & Air Conditioning [Case # 4-505-189]
    Issue Preclusion

    Flores v. Oregon Steel Mills, Inc. [Case # 4-608-694]

    Schramek v. Chicos FAS [Case # 4-601-867]

    Davis v. Rocky Mountain Materials & Asphalt, Inc. [Case # 4-647-601]
    Reopening Claim

    Vargas v. Tetra Technologies [Case # 4-771-845]
    Authorized Treating Physician/Choice/Change of Physician

    Breidenbach v. Black Diamond [Case # 4-761-479]
    Coming and Going Rule

    Granados v. Comcast Corp. [Case # 4-724-768]
    Compensability, Mental Injuries

    Laroc v. Labor Ready, Inc., [Case # 4-783-889]
    Compensability, Course and Scope of Employment, Deviation

    Nigussie v. Standard Parking Corp [Case # 4-788-774]

    Capritta v. King Soopers, Inc [Case # 4-772-353]
    DIME, Impairment Rating

    Absher v. King Soopers [Case # 4-784-400]

    Reindel v. Exempla Healthcare, Inc. [Case # 4-758-660]

    Miller v. Policy Studies Inc. [Case # 4-766-877]
    Authorized Treating Physician/Choice/Change of Physician

    Burgess v. John Burgess Insurance and Investment Group [Case # 4-633-192]
    Average Weekly Wage

    Villa v. Leprino Foods [Case # 4-735-985]
    Average Weekly Wage

    Martin v. Lisa Hyams [Case # 4-781-144]
    Casual Labor

    Fleming v. Giesen Restaurant [Case # 4-545-531]
    Issue Preclusion

    Christ v. Littleton Fire Rescue [Case # 4-745-560]
    Compensability, Firefighter/Police/Corrections Officers

    Ford v. Katzson Brothers, Inc. [Case # 4-790-320]
    Due Process

    Mondragon v. The Allen Company, Inc [Case # 4-759-034]
    Due Process

    Jiron v. Douglas County School District Re1 [Case # 4-636-107]
    Issue Preclusion, Overpayment

    Eller v. Boulder Valley School District [Case # 4-694-053]

    Pieper v. City of Greenwood Village [Case # 4-675-476]

    Young v. Dillards Department Store [Case # 4-755-097]
    Constructive Discharge

    Hanson v. Northwest Pipe Co. [Case # 4-559-615]
    Failure to Prosecute

    Crump v. Builders Association of Pagosa Springs and DeClark Granite and Fabrication, Inc. [Case # 4-767-757]
    Interlocutory Order

    Hoffman v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. [Case # 4-774-720]
    Medical Benefits/Treatment/Psychiatric Care

    Carr v. Pasco/SW, Inc [Case # 4-751-083]

    Falali-Moutei v. King Soopers, Inc. [Case # 4-727-455]

    Granados v. Comcast Corp. [Case # 4-724-768]

    Laroc v. Labor Ready, Inc. [Case # 4-783-889]
    Compensability, Course and Scope of Employment

    Nigussie v. Standard Parking Corp. [Case # 4-788-774]
    Coming and Going Rule, Compensability

    Rodriguez v. Safeway Stores, Inc. [Case # 4-712-019]
    Attorney Fees, Penalties/Interest

    Aranda v. Evraz, Inc. d/b/a CF& I Steel, L.P. [Case # 4-628-418]
    Permanent Total, Refusal of Treatment

    Boyle v. Red Mountain Builders, Inc. [Case # 4-778-626]
    Coverage/Exemption from Coverage

    Reindel v. Exempla Healthcare, Inc. [Case # 4-758-660]

    Ford v. ICAO [Case # 09CA0445]
    Discovery/Evidence/Testimony, Hearings

    Lopez v. ICAO [Case # 09CA2246]
    Compensability, Pre-Employment Physical

    Tennapel v. Bowie Resources, LLC [Case # 4-779-040]

    Gallegos v. King Soopers [Case # 4-875-758]
    Compensability, Deviation

    Adan v. Cargill Meat Solutions Company [Case # 4-869-335]
    Aggravation of Preexisting Conditions, Compensability

    Franco v. Denver Public Schools [Case # 4-818-579-01]
    Permanent Partial

    Hassan v. Cargill Meat Solutions [Case # 4-871-670-03]
    Willful Misconduct, Termination

    Woodmansee v. Finbro Construction [Case # 4-811-126]
    Settlement/Enforcement of Orders/Settlements, Mistake of Material Fact

    Lorenzen v. Pinnacol Assurance [Case # 2019COA54]
    Bad Faith

    Yeutter v. ICAO [Case # 2019COA53]
    Impairment Rating, Independent Medical Evaluation, Medical Benefits/Treatment/Psychiatric Care, Permanent Total, Permanent Partial