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Judge can't find my file

I learned today from the attorney that the judge can't find my file.

My attorney filed Jan 09 on the back, carpal tunnel, right knee.

Court was March with a decision to be made in 5 days by Kansas law.

Didn't happen and a phone conference was held in May to try and reach a decision.

June the judge went on medical leave for a knee replacement.

In August a replacement judge took over for the judge on medical leave.

I had a hearing Tuesday with the new judge. Everything was done between attorneys and they went before the judge while I sat in the waiting room.

I learned today that my file is missing, the judge can't find it, and the file has been missing for some time.

I asked my attorney what happens now, and he said if it can't be found we start over.

He did say the attorney for the insurance company is is acting very laid back.

Course this is only going to delay medical treatment.

Any thoughts.

My only thought Bummer is how bad I feel for you. When it rains it pours. With all that and IW goes through the last thing they need is something like this to happen. I thought all along that something was very wrong in the time span you had waited for a decision. We're pretty slow around here but the longest we usually hear of is 5 months. God be with you to keep you strong. My prayers are with you. Between both attorney's there is a copy of everything.

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