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The octuplet mother is a WC fraud in my opinion!!

I just watched her interview on Dateline and she says her lower back was injured in a riot at a mental health hospital she worked at when a piece of furniture fell on her.

Okay so your lower back is in such bad shape that you can have kid after kid and then 8 at once??? I'm sorry but if you can take care of that many kids (and carry 8 babies at once with a bad back) then you can get off your ass and find a job! She has received by her own admission 165,000 in disability. CA state disability runs out after 1 year so the majority of this had to be from the WC.

The hospital has figured the babies medical bills will be over 1,000,000, she is living on school loans and food stamps and has NO income!!! What doctor in their right mind would have even performed IVF on her??? Oh yeah I forgot. Two of her previous children have health problems so they are on social security until they turn 18.

I'm sorry but this just really pisses me off that the state is allowing this to continue. She is obviously unfit, everything is me, me, me. She wanted to be loved so she kept having more and more kids? I hope the state will step in soon to make sure those babies are taken care of and I also hope that WC will go after her for fraud!!!!

Okay, vent over...sorry!

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Don't be sorry Monster, I think this situation is on alot of minds. I don't see her to be fit in the mind for starters BUT I feel the worst of it is the DR. who performed this AND more than once. How did he get paid? Babies are babies to me. God's little miracles. The mother being upfit I feel someone should have stepped up to the plate and put a stop to this. Her family, the Dr. himself, etc. I feel for the people who want children desperately and can't have them. She has 14 wonders that she can't care for, let someone else love them and care for them. I can't go any further because this situation really angers me with what's going on in this country right now. People are losing their jobs, can't feed their families, are becoming homeless and she doesn't have a care or thought about what she's doing. She brings more babies in the world who she can't feed. You're right. Me, me, me!

before all is said and done I believe the state wil step in and take over......and 14 more children will enter the foster care system.....the doc who done this should be given the bills to support them,,,,I too want to know where the money came from to do all this when many people in stable relaintionships cant afford to get IVF for one baby let alone 14.....

........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


I have watched the mother on TV and it appears she loves all of her children.

The issue I have with this is how will she be able to provide care for all the children?
My understand is the mother lives with Grandma in a 3 bedroom home.

I served on the Kansas Coordinating Council on Early Childhood Development for a number of years. We worked closely with state agencies; child protective services and special healthcare needs.

When a parent is unable to provide for the child or children it becomes a neglect issue and child services gets involved. This would lead to support services being coordinated to meet the needs of a family; the second choice would be foster care services getting involved...

Before the babies were born a team of social workers from the hospital and state services would already have looked at the needs of this family and started working on putting services together for this family.

Now the doctor, what he did is an issue of ethics.

Best watch the News Ladies. She had Lied, Forged, the Birth Certifcates, writting the Fathers Name and wrong Birth Date and all. They say, it's against the Law, and a Felony.

Now, the issue is, does the Sperm Donor wishing to say he is the Father of all 14 now? If so, off he goes to court then for back child support, and future support.

Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.

The Way the World is Today, She will Probably get a "Reality T.V. Show", and Make a Ton of Money putting Her Kids on Parade! The Ethics of Today are Nowhere Near what I was Taught, Responsibility and Accountability must be Items for the History Books!!Rolleyes


I too, have been keeping a close eye on this situation. It seems that she was married right up until 2008. If that is so, why did she have to use IVF to bear children ?? Why is it that she had to use another man's sperm in order to conceive all of these children ??

Monster, I also wondered if her back was so bad, how she was able to carry 5 pregnancies to full term ( 2 of her 6 other children are twins) ?? And then to carry all of the octuplets almost full term. It couldn't have been that bad if she was able to care for her other children during the pregnancy.

I caught a blurb on yahoo the other day on how she is going to turn to her church and community to help her with these children. And them just yesterday, it stated that she is starting up a web site where people can log in and leave donations. Is this how she is planning on paying to continue her education in the fall. After all, she is planning on getting her master's in education.

I watch John and Kate plus 8 as well as 18 Children and Counting on TLC a lot. But at least these parents are responsible and truly do have the best interests of their children at heart. And they both have incomes from outside of the home. So the taxpayers aren't footing the bill for all of their children. What happens if the state of California doesn't step in now and the church and community loose interest after a year or so of helping out and this woman is left to her own devices ?? It is all of those children that are going to end up paying the price because their mother was obsessed with having children starting at a young age.

Angel ^j^

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Just on the News. Since she has no money, and can't pay the Hospital Bills, she Qualifies for Medi-Cal. That's right, Tax payers are now going to pay for her to have childern....

Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.

Of course we are, She and those poor children are now homeless, living in a hotel, Mom and dad have had enough and got wise. Who else is going to take care of those babies? she sure can't. She can't take care of herself let alone 14 , The 8 children may have special needs like 2 of the others, What a mess. but hopefully the state will now step in and do something to help the children. Mom is NUT'S........................

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