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The octuplet mother is a WC fraud in my opinion!!

Don't worry everyone. It's just a matter of time untill Angelina Jolie embraces this woman and helps raise all of these kids,LOL.

fencer there is a world of difference in these 2 women....if for no other reason there is a daddy and plenty of money to take care of jolie-pitt children this Mom was iresponsiable to have the second child with no job and no money and no father in the picture much less as many as she has had.....This gaggle of children would have had world of problems on there own but to be 7-14 with no support no Daddy no grandparents no money no home she is living in a hotel room for goodness sake on someones elses dime......if DHS doesnt step in then they have no bussiness stepping in anywhere this is abuse in many forms.....

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The Dr that did the IVF procedure needs to have his license to practice taken away.

These poor children should be placed in custody of the state and put up for adoption..

And mom..she needs to be prosecuted for WC fraud. If her back was so bad it prevented her from working, how in the world was she able to make it through 6 pregnancies..the last carrying 8 fetus'. Instead of using the money that she was given through WC to better her children's lives, she used $100,000.00 of it for her IVF procedures. That kind of money would have made a great down payment on a home for them. Instead, she used student loans to live on ?? And these loans will have to be paid back eventually. Just the thought that she is going to use University daycare so she can get her masters makes me want to throw up. She has found a way to manipulate the system to her benefit and is taking full advantage of it, while others are suffering because they can't get the help they need.

And yes, she is shopping the different tv networks trying to get a "reality show" that would pay her. But there is no takers as of now, as most are disgusted with the way she has done things. I myself don't believe that she is mentally stable and will be unable to take care of all these children by herself, if and when she gets them all home. The hospital where the babies are at right now, are saying that there is a chance that several of the babies will have to stay in the hospitals care for up to a year.

I hope that this will open up some eyes and something will be done so that no other children are thrust into a situation like this. It makes me sick to my stomache...and sick at heart for what those poor kids are going to experience because their mother didn't care enough to think about their welfare and was so self-centered and cared only about bringing more children into this world that she knew she wouldn't be able to care for correctly.

Angel ^j^

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There is also the chance as with all multiples of lifetime care for health issues. This is so sad.......
Did anyone see the pictures of her while pregnant 8 weeks before delivery?. I would have herniated all of my discs.......I agree this was a fraudulent WC case...

But she's going to be a counselor so all of her kids will grow up to be well-adjusted individuals...yea right!!! Don't you need to be sane to be a counselor??

Always love your cubs unconditionally...they are a gift from God and someday they'll pick your nursing home!!

This is a case of WC fraud if I ever saw it. How selfish can someone be to resort to the actions that this woman did and those poor children. I feel so sorry for these children, what will happen to them.

Has anyone gone to the tmz.com website and saw the pics she took as she posed for tmz magazine? A hurt back? When I saw those pics I almost died. If you have not seem them go to http://www.tmz.com and go to the link that is titled It was A Very Good Year and the pics will be there.

She needs to be investigated for WC fraud.

Cajun Hugsssssssss,

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With all of the pictures and news she I imagine she will be investigated for fraud.

The insurance company would be a fool if they didn't.

Her father pre-flimed with Oprah and will be on next monday or tuesday. He did ask Oprah to get her Mental Evalation, and she said she would.

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