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Country Music Awards

Last night I was watching some of the Country Music Awards. I must admit, I always feel good about watching this Award show. And it is because all of them always dress very well and very respectfully. The women were all just so stunning, while the men were also dressed very well.

Carrie Underwood always my most recent favorite, and young 16 year old Miley, look so stunning. It has been just released the other day, if Miley continues the way she has, that by the age 18, she will be a Billionaire. I pray so hard for her, that money will not ruin her life still yet to come with so many years ahead of her.

These people always put on a great show, and always seems to be well respected for the grace they put behind it. It makes me proud to watch such a show like that.

Badboy........I have never really been a fan of country music although I do like all music. My husband's favorite is country. I remember when I first saw Leann Rhimes as a child singing and then again as an adult. She is my favorite. Always has class. You are right about how they perform and project themselves.


I didnt watch them but to me GEORGE JONES is the best

worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing

George Srait is my favoite. Did not watch it last night as Johm was here to visit and we watched to sy fx changle.

May God send his angels to hold you in his arms

I am a Toby Keith & Willie Nelson fan.

I love country music!

Go TOBY. I also like Hank Williams.

Keith Urban is my all time favorite!! Hubby and I went to see him at the fair in Vermont a few years ago. He can sure put on a great show. What I would do to go see him again : )

My husband also enjoyed the show very much and thought he was great and he hates country music. I do not care for country music, but new country is what I really enjoy.

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