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" Holiday Recipies"

Tinker, Try that squash with apple slices or applesause and br sugar, Yummmmmmyyyyyy

Tuffy- enjoy it both ways, I like all kinds of squash. Just the country girl in me I guess.

May God send his angels to hold you in his arms

Tinker, I am from the old school and cook from scratch. I hate box foods. There is nothing like the real thing. How are you doing? resting and gaining back your strength, I hope........

bumming this up so others can add there recipes. Have started them into a book to print and will sent to those that want a copy. If you would like a copy please PM me your mail information.

But come on everyone we need more recipes.

Carol how about that cholate cake receipe that you were going to get from Brandi??

Admin how about it, we need a recipe from you as well.

May God send his angels to hold you in his arms

I will update my mailing info once I get my new PO box in Ca. I wish I could think of some recipes to add, but I can't at this point.

Tinker, Maybe Monster will post her strawberry/pretzel recipe, I have lost mine and would like to have it again........ I will look through my recipie box and see what else I can find..... I love cranberries and have a whole cook book on cranberry goodies, from salads to etc........

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