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Problems find me

Well just in case the back injury isn't enough to cause pain I got up the other morning around 3:30 and needed to go to the bathroom. Tried to go back to bed but that wasn't going to work. I've had kidney stones before and was wondering if this was not the start of that again. Sat outside for awhile because it was just nice out at 4am.
Well on a trip to the bathroom it was light enough I could tell there was a good deal of blood and some clots, was thinking it must be my time of the month. Wanted until 7:30 to wake the wife and break the bad news to her so she could get up and going before we needed to head into town. Well doctors office doesn't open until 8 and my urologist is only in the office on Tuesdays so they said to go to the ER.
Got in the there and my urine sample looked more like tomato juice then anything else. Trouble was I was not having the normal pain with kidney stones and I have never had blood like this. After some test and a CT they said I had a really bad infection and a kidney stone but it should not be causing any problems. Really trouble is he thinks it's gallstones. You know how doctors are in the ER they never want to say much other then to give me a shot for the infection and some meds. Follow up with your doctor. Made my appointment for Wed morning. A friend passed away on the 25th which would have been my dads 91st birthday and yesterday they finally post his services which happen to be the same time Wednesday morning so now I need to call the doctor and hope to get another time.
You know the worse part is I just saw my doctor the day before this for something else. Think I'm going to give her a hard time for not see I was going to have this problem the next day.

Over weight and being inactive are a couple of things that can lead to gallstones. Would be nice to blame my WC injury for this and get them to pay the bills. Maybe just them thinking of any other bills that could come up would make them get off their butts and settle. Know this is not going to happen but we can dream

Manley I will say a prayer for you.

Sure hope you are able to get into the doctor office soon and get this taken care of.

When my work comp was open my attorney would say, "We will just add it to the claim" I ended up with so many body parts added to the claim that in the end the insurance company tried to you this against me in court. With the auto accident in 2012 the auto insurance company started digging into my work comp injury and trying to use anything they could against me.

We recently reach a settlement agreement on the auto and I received in the mail yesterday paper work from Medicare 2nd Payers Act.

Well I was talking about needing a jacket to see the fireworks now it is going to warm back up. Turned to AC back on today and it is not going to work so it is going to get real hot. Don't have the money to have the central air fixed so we will see how this goes

I heave never heard of gallstones causing bloody urine.
Sounds like prostate if no kidney stones are present.

Had a funeral on the only day my doctor sees followups so I don't see her until this next week. The ER doc did see a kidney stone but said it should not be causing me any problems. Why he though I had so much blood was just from the bad infection and he said it is common to have blood now with infections after you have you prostate removed. Now I spoke with a good friend the other day and he never heard of that and he had his out 2 years before I had mine done. Guess I will see what my doctor says this week. Now I can say the blood was gone around 4 or 5 hours after I left the ER. They did give me a shot they said to help jump start the antibiotics.My hip still hurt the next day from the shot

Better have them do some blood work . My brother had blood in his urine, and it wound up being cancer. it was found early enough to treat, and he is fine now ( as far as that goes, LOL )

We asked the ER doc to run a PSA and it was zero. My problem with that is when I did have cancer my psa was not elevated to the range it should have been for cancer so a zero now does not mean all that much to me

Not sure if the PSA count works if your Prostrate is removed. IDK. I would be worried to death. Not like you need to worry about anything else. Is the problem still there?

Not sure what it does other then they checked it every 6 months after surgery for 2 years and then said I could do it every year after that so I would assume it means something. But like I said my number was not high when I did have it and nobody ever really had a good reason for that

After having a prostate removed, there should be no further PSA being made by the cells as they were all removed.
IF they do not get all the cells, then the PSA (prostate specific antigen) will show up in lab work.
This is why they check patients for a few years after a prostectomy.
That being said, cancer of the prostate can be present even with a low PSA. Unfortunatly, it's not a fool proof test.
Blood in urine could be bladder related as well.
Have you been to the doctor yet Manley?

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