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Just one of them days...

I find myself getting easily annoyed lately. It's like clock work, come 3 to 4pm I start getting grouchy. Soon after I try to be by myself because the littlest things set me off and don't want to take it out on the family. I find if I take a nap or even just sit in a quiet room I calm down. Its almost as if my brain is being over loaded, and cant handle any more input. It's totally different than my anxiety where I would welcome any commotion to get my calm down. I'm not doing anything different as far as meds other than acid reflux med. I just cant put my finger on it....... My wife figures its my bp rising, but we have checked it and its in the norm.....


I seem to get grouchy at times myself. Naps sometime help but I don't decide to nap. I will be sitting here and get so tired I can't keep my eyes open. Last week I couldn't get my mind to slow down no matter what I did. Many years ago they had me seeing this guy who tried these glasses with some flashing lights to help me relax and I wondering if it's not time to do something like that again. He wanted me to have them but WC didn't want to pay for them at the time. Not sure if medicare ever pays for them. If they do I could go that route and let the lawyers decide if WC should pay back medicare.
WC likes to make life stressful and I find some stress relief when they have to spend money for things they did or caused

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