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its been about 7 hours now of winters crazy crap....I am in the bed curled up as much as I can around a heating pad and my narcotics...I still hurt so bad I could scream. Honey comes and holds me in bed trying to comfort me. Come on spring.

........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


Sweetie stay in bed, take the pain meds, stay warm and let Bill hold you if it will help.

I was watching the radar last night thinking this stuff sure looks like it might get Jayne.

Jayne I was in that type of pain yesterday, six hours of tens unit and massage, plus pain meds last night. I started physical therapy this morning and the therapist said my muscles had a lot of crunchy sounds, she said the muscles were not getting good blood flow due to the muscle spasms. Then my reflexes were tested and the only extremity that has normal reflexes in the right leg.

We have had our share of that nasty weather, everything here is frozen. I don't think we got much above 0 today and this cold stretch is to last until next fri, but then highs in the teens.

Bummer, this is the issue with my left leg also with constant spasms and cramps my muscles in this leg have shrunk and always ache . My left leg is always colder due to poor circulation, this was all caused from nerve damage when my leg was hanging there by just skin.


Weather is bad here to, pain is terrible tonight for me, I have taked oxy, dulodin, Cymbalta, neurotin,and a zanaflex and still hurt like hell

Cervical Fusion 2003, c5-c6. Herniated and damaged Disc L1- L4-L5 S1. Lumbar Spinal Cord stimulator implant 09-2008. Cervical ACDF revision with hardware c4-c5-c6-c7 Sept 2009.

I am in the same boat tonight, it has been 4 days of misery with this cold snap. It is -29 with the windshield factor, I have been up and down all night and just cant find a happy medium. Hot showers and electric blanket, and a extra dose of morphine and just waiting for it to let up to get some sleep.


I am so sorry for you guys I remember how it is BUT im setting here with the doors and windows wide open and the fans going were in the 80s but I do feel for ya that's why im here and not in ky I just cant take it anymore

worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing

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