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cramps and spasms

When I worked as a grounds keeper our boss always purchased scag comercial equipment. The mowers were zero turn and a 52 inch cutting deck with a very comfy seats.. These were very nice to use and cut grass at 17 mph. The price of them were just over $10,000, and you were told to mow fast.. For the price you would think they would have had suspension seats, I had more aches and pains with the jarring.. I like the old murray tractors nice and slow an a much smoother ride.. I also can no longer take riding one it just is not worth the pain.


Bronco my lawn mower is a Murray tractor and it is rough riding, when I use it I try to go slow to reduce the bumping around.

I could never ride a mower. Tried once to pickup my pace when I was trying to get from the car to the house because of the rain and just doing that jarred my back and hurt so much I could never take being on a mower.

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