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Unable to find medical doctor who accept new patients with medicare

I know this has been discussed before on this forum but I am wondering if others out there are having trouble finding medical doctors who accept new patients who have medicare.

I am having this problem with two family members.
My mother-in-law is looking for a different doctor as she is unhappy with her current doctor. I and my another family member have been making phone calls trying to locate a different doctor but I get the same answer, none of the doctors are accepting new patients who pay by medicare.

I also am having thisproblem with my uncle, he is leaving a rehab facility and we are looking for a doctor for my uncle. I am am being told the same thing, no new patients paying by medicare.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Bummer my PCP told me last year this was gonna start happening....they will also refuse to take some insurance companies(read mass goverment insurance Obama care)....when a Dr charges 50 dollars for a office visit and medicare only pays 5 dollars.....simple math tells you it just isnt worth it...So Obama may make you buy insurance but it may not be worth a flip

........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


I called my family doctor and learned he also is taking no medicare patients, no matter if the patient has a 2nd insurance as I do.

Very scary.

My Dr also we spoke in length about this before Obama shoved this Obama care down our throat....Yes all Americans may have insurance but Drs may not accept it....the last new office that opened here in town is a cash only office.....you file your own insurance paperwork if you have it....tests are on a board much like a menu at Mcdonalds....the good thing is it is cheaper cuz you dont pay for so much office help...an office visit is $40....and she opens at noon and closes at 9 at night....she does no hospital at all if you need to be there she transfers you to another Dr...

........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


So...., the next thing Obama (I call him OBUMMER) will do is pass a law insisting that all doctors take medicare and medicaid. We just changed doctors and they took my son's medicare as secondary.

Mine. my uncles, and mother-in-law's medicare is primary, that may make a difference.

My mother has the same problem, many drs here have started the same senerio. And the ones that will accept is so booked its a 2 month wait... You really cant blame the drs, they dont like getting the Obama wet willy either.. I dont know if any of yous pay attention to whats happening here in wi. Our state is in caos, many folks from my home town were arrested for the protesting.. And much of this is not hitting the news. Fights are breaking out over the new plan in affect, and will impact our elders by cutting social security/medicaid.. Health care for the select low income and union workers as well as teachers.. It will all trickle down hill.

but dont you see old and crippled are not nessasary.....

........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


(02-24-2011, 11:00 PM)jayne Wrote:  but dont you see old and crippled are not nessasary.....

Thats the way it seems its heading.....

I just became eligible for medicare the first of the month. Due to my low income, I am also a QMB (qualified medical beneficiary) which gives me medicaid to pay for all out of pocket expenses except prescriptions (they will run between $2.50 and $6.50).

However, there are no participating Dr's in my area. Closest one for the insurance I had to get is over 50 miles away one way, and I can't afford to pay 100 miles + taxi fare (there is no way my car could handle it). So I was told to call around and find a local Dr that accepts medicare and let the IC know. I would then be able to use them as in-network, because there isn't a Dr. locally. Oh just fine and dandy. I have called over 200 Dr's in our area and not one will take medicare, nor will they take medicaid.

Funny thing is, there are 8 dentists and 12 optometrists here in the Falls that are part of the network. I was told almost 2 weeks ago that the person that sets up Dr's in the network would find me a Dr that would accept both medicare/medicaid and contact me. Not one word so far.

Last Thursday, I had their practioner in my home giving me a semi-physical. She was so worried about me that she called their mental health service and I ended up talking to them (she saw how depressed I was and when she found out that there were guns in the house she went balistic). They told me that they would get one of their specialists to find me a psychiatrist and therapist and that if I haden't heard from them by Friday night (a week ago) that I needed to go to the ER. It's been a week today, and no one had even bothered calling me.

I am going to call Medicare tomorrow and make a formal complaint against the company I used for my medicare. I was assured that there were plenty of network Dr's here in the Falls and that is why I took their plan. I feel as if I have been lied to and if this is the way they run the company, I will never be able to use the insurance.. a waste if my time and state money that is paying for it. I went with this company as it supposedly is for high risk patients that have heart disease, liver/kidney disease, diabetes and a couple other things. It is supposed to pay for all of my diabetic needs, to include counseling, meds and supplies. What good is that, if I can't find a Dr that can give me scrips for my meds?? Without the scrip, the company that handles the suppies won't even send me a glucose monitor so I can check my blood sugar.

Sorry for the long rant. I am just so disgusted with this whole thing. I have patiently waited the 2 long years it took to get to this point, and even now that I have insurance, it isn't doing me one damned bit of good. I am still in the same place I was a month ago, without any medical help.

Angel ^j^

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