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Prayers to stop oil spill

jayne Wrote:I have no problem pulling up my big girl panties......I disagree with you and I am stirring the pot...no fuss since 5/29? hell fire there has been little to no activity since then.....All I am waiting on is one of you to tell me to leave.....I will then delete my account and go about my merry way...until then get used to someone disagreeeing with you.....Oh and I love my backwoods country church.....and my taxes are paid on time every year and none of your consern until you have to pay them....

Well, even though you now said it, it makes my statement correct. But, we knew you were only trying to cause a fuss anyways.... I'm not at all concerned about your taxes being doubled, as it was you crying about them in another thread was all. But, once said the reason they doubled was all because of the House that the Church built, you never said anymore... Remember, you were blaming the man that sits in the big chair for them being doubled, yet that wasn't the case at all....

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