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Need some suggestions? - halftrak - 12-02-2008

Ok Here's the scoop, started getting some phone calls a few days ago on my home phone from a 000 First 3 numbers ,anyways they have called from 1 am till 8 am this morning 12 times already. 11 times yesterday all hours of the day and night. Should I do a call trace or just block them ?this is really getting to be annoying. When I answer all I hear is background music no one is saying anything.If I answer then hang up they call back 1 minute later.All help would be appreciated Thanks Halftrak

RE: Need some suggestions? - hurt at work - 12-02-2008

i would have that # blocked that would make me mad as he)).

RE: Need some suggestions? - red1030 - 12-02-2008

I was getting those numbers on my cell phone, so I called the phone company and was told that it was an advertizement coming from a call center...and they will answer as soon as they can. The numbers are automatically called until the call center tells it not too....the phone company had the numbers blocked from my cell phone and I have not had any since that time...good luck..Love Red

RE: Need some suggestions? - Still in Limbo - 12-02-2008

I Agree with the Others, Block the Number! I have had the Same Problem also!!Smile

RE: Need some suggestions? - Tuffy - 12-02-2008

Write down the number and call your phone co. I Hate Tela marketers. They are as bad as Spam on the internet LOL

RE: Need some suggestions? - capricorn - 12-02-2008

I agree with blocking. You can also put yourself on the "do not call list". They are computer generated calls when you get them constantly one after the other and no one speaks. If you don't know the company I would call the Phone co and block it AND put yourself on the opt out "do not call list" I put all of our home numbers and cell numbers on this list. Went onto the attorney General's office in my state and it's clear how to do it.


RE: Need some suggestions? - halftrak - 12-02-2008

Thanks guys lots of good ideas, I actually put us on the do not call list yesterday, should have kicked in by now.If it doesn't by tomorrow will most likely block this stupid caller.My Body needs some sleep.halftrak

RE: Need some suggestions? - Tuffy - 12-02-2008

Please don't be surprised if the calls continue,,,, I am on a no call list and they still call.....Agrivating.......... Hope in your case it works and you can get some sleep and much needed rest.

RE: Need some suggestions? - UndercovrAngel - 12-02-2008

halftrak Wrote:Thanks guys lots of good ideas, I actually put us on the do not call list yesterday, should have kicked in by now.If it doesn't by tomorrow will most likely block this stupid caller.My Body needs some sleep.halftrak


I hate being the bearer of bad news, but even once on the "Do Not Call" list, it takes up to 30 days for it to go into affect.

However, if you continue getting calls from that number, there is a place on the same internet site that you signed up for the do not call registry.... that allows you to make complaints against #'s that continue to call. There will be an investigation and if they find out who is responsible for the continued calls, there will be a fine impossed.

It is illegal for any kind of telemarketing calls to be made before 8 am and after 9 pm. Keep track of the times that these calls come in, as it could really get the company programming the calls in trouble. Also, if you receive a telemarketing call that is automated, and it tells you to call such and such a number back... and you do so, and there is no human there to take your call, make note of this also, as that is a big no no as well.

Now, if by chance you get a human, get the name of the company, mailing address, telephone number, caller and supervisor's name. Tell the person you are talking to that you wish to be placed on their "do not call" list. Keep all of this information somewhere safe. You can't report them the first time that they call, but if they call you back within a year, you can then report them for failure to adhere to the do not call policies.

Hope that this information will help some of you out. I once worked for a collection agency, and we had to learn all of this in case someone tried to pull a fast one on us and try to use the do not call policy to try and keep us from calling back. Unfortunately, in order to get a collection agency to stop calling your home, there is another whole set of rules.

Angel ^j^

RE: Need some suggestions? - kayleycun - 08-14-2020

I will start off by apologizing if this isn't the right location for this post. I tried to search for similar topics, but couldn't find anything for my specific questions and then I found this. Unfortunately I had a this kind of call 30 minutes ago. I've got my second phone-call from some Indian sounding people, with call-centre nose in the background. Usually I never get any telemarketing calls on my phone, so why such a weid one? The first one a couple of months ago was from a lady and her country code was from Sri Lanka. Today it was a gentleman with a hidden number, but the questions where exactly the same as I was assumed to be a young business professional. I don't know what they are up to?