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Social Security Disability - redsoxfan - 10-13-2021

Just saw there’s a 5.9% increase in SS next year. I’ve read a few articles and it doesn’t say anything about SSDI just senior citizens(retirees). Has anyone read anything different? Thanks

RE: Social Security Disability - tbear6410 - 10-14-2021

I've read the same thing and was wondering.... Guess we just wait until December to see if there's a raise in our January payment...

RE: Social Security Disability - 1171 - 10-20-2021

(10-14-2021, 08:18 AM)tbear6410 Wrote:  I've read the same thing and was wondering.... Guess we just wait until December to see if there's a raise in our January payment...

"The latest COLA is 5.9 percent for Social Security benefits AND SSI payments. Social Security benefits will increase by 5.9 percent beginning with the December 2021 benefits, which are payable in January 2022. Federal SSI payment levels will also increase by 5.9 percent effective for payments made for January 2022. Because the normal SSI payment date is the first of the month and January 1 is a holiday, the SSI payments for January are always made at the end of the previous December."

RE: Social Security Disability - redsoxfan - 11-21-2021

Thanks 1171

RE: Social Security Disability - tbear6410 - 11-24-2021

I got a message from SS... logged in and it says my SSDI is going up 40.00 on Jan. 1st.

RE: Social Security Disability - johnpaul - 04-15-2022

Social Security is what we realistically can call a "safety net" for all of us. There are millions of people on disability who cannot work any more. Most of them have paid into the system for decades. If you have a disability and can no longer work, you're probably due for disability wages. The disability amount differs from state to state and whether you're married or not. There are wait times before you can get paid, and the pay you get once you're approved is less than what you were making before you were disabled. It's not a substitute for the income you used to make. You can still get Social Security if you have a "disability" that pre-dates your retirement. Many people get their disability before they retire so that they can collect a small paycheck for a few years before their retirement check kicks in.

RE: Social Security Disability - jamjake009 - 05-04-2022

Social Security pays disability benefits to you and certain members of your family if you have worked long enough and have a medical condition that prevents you from working for at least 12 months or is expected to end in death.

RE: Social Security Disability - Energaiz - 06-28-2022

Get to the bottom of this issue

RE: Social Security Disability - zxclord123 - 06-30-2022

(06-28-2022, 04:55 AM)Energaiz Wrote:  Get to the bottom of this issue

It is sad