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Maryland - glass in my eye, scared i'm going to get tricked out of help
Please help! I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm kind of scared of what my boss might try to do to trick me. My boss is a sort of hostile person, and this is the first job I've had since getting out of school, so I don't really understand any of the rules.

I suspected that I may have gotten glass in my eye yesterday morning at work, but wasn't sure because it didn't hurt especially bad after I flushed my eyes with water, it just felt exceptionally weird. Panicked, I immediately punched out and went on break to figure out what to do. I did not tell my boss what happened when I left because she was in a terrible mood, already angry at me for a lateness that was entirely out of my control and related to a freak failure of the public transportation I use to get there. I got ahold of my optometrist and my mother for advice, and luckily enough I was able to get an appointment the same day, as well as her assistance in driving me there (no bus goes from my work to his office).

I went back to work and I calmly explained that I was almost positive I had glass in my eye, I needed to go to a doctor, and that I had already arranged a ride and needed to leave right away. Her first reaction was to question whether it was really a problem, but then she sort of immediately and uncharacteristically said " ok well that is fine " and then sort of rushed out to run some kind of business errand shortly before my mother was set to arrive.

I do have a small scratch on my eye, they said it wouldn't be a huge problem, I'm following the treatment instructions, but they said that if I don't feel 100% better in 2 days then theyve missed the diagnosis and I need to see another doctor. I'm not in terrible pain, but in spite of using the medicine it only seems to feel more painful as time goes on. I'm afraid there might still be glass dust in my eye slicing things up, and my vision is definitely different since this happened.

of course, now looking online, I suspect that because I went to my own doctor, she probably wont be responsible for the cost. the initial visit and the medication wasn't that expensive, but now I'm terrified of whats going to happen if this becomes a serious issue. I only work 3 days a week -- my next day on schedule is Saturday, but I need to go see someone tomorrow if I wake up and the pain is worse. What can I do ? Do I need to call work and get a doctor approved? Can I only go to doctors they agree to? If I go back to the doctor, get referred to someone, and need to go through an expensive battery of tests or something terrifying like that, what is the likelihood that I'm going to either a - have to defer to what the company allows or b - pay for everything myself?

i have no health insurance through my job. thankfully i'm still able to be covered for some things under my parents insurance, but this whole thing is still kind of terrifying, I just don't wanna get screwed over.

Advice, reassurance, anything, please?! thanks.
you need to make sure your employer is aware of that you had a work injury.
complete a claim form
the form is on line as well as instructions:
keep a copy for your records.

Maryland allows free choice of physician as long as the doctor is willing to accept the fees allowed.
make sure you tell the doctor that it is a work injury.
the name and contact information of the carrier should be posted on a bulletin board at work.
make sure your doctors are aware of it.
more information on treatment under Maryland comp laws here
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information.........

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